Plastic (prod. by DJ Semaj)


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Produced by DJ Semaj


Verse 1
20 years old, mad pretty
low self esteem, bad from her ass, titties
unselfish, means well, aspires to make it out this sad city
with a bill of clean health… laugh with me!
promise we've seen hell,
prices on her gas iffy, one day she low-the next
she ready to blow
her fucking brains all over her desk.
her inner beauty bout to lose it all over her breast
cup size… it's never enough
guys to lust and fuck.
and trusting sucks,
sister died from AIDS, mom tried stay
above depression drowned in a tub
was found some days
later, a closed casket
her therapy was clothes, fashion
snorting blow into her nose laughing and yakeidy yanking
like she twelve.
needing help.
look in her mirror couldn't see herself.
the same scarf, shirt and purses
the world changed around her, she the shell of the same person.
but worthless

only barbie s'posed to be plastic…
the kim minaj syndrome
lot of women who have it - they beautiful
for some reason thinking they average
so they turn plastic…

Verse 2
she playing gay because it's trending
with ease she ruins the life of other women
who've all abandoned men
some got they brothers standing in as father figures to they seeds
I aint judging they needs
she knowing this shorty had a kid.
kind of confused of who this lady called his auntie is.
at night she cuddles next to porcelain
took her fingers and forced them in her throat
and stomach
she wasn't full but she hoped to vomit
she wipe her mouth, tears… eyes confused
she never like whats in the mirror
thought she died in school
covered in make up
why couldn't it be enough to say a prayer
baby jesus make me beautiful please…
I'm new to my knees
was told you dated models… so in you I believe
and with million twitter follows
a novel, and friends on Facebook.
talking to you should be a safe look
open her eyes, unhappy with how her face looked….
a beautiful face took…


released September 7, 2012



all rights reserved


FTZGRLD Colorado Springs, Colorado

beats. rhymes. life.

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